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Here’s a list of top 10 most popular physics books from the last month. The list is formed according the rating of the books (as seen on Amazon), the customer reviews and a pinch of personal opinion. To find the books on Amazon use the links next to the title.

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The Perfect Theory by Pedro Ferreira (US|UK

Some scientists love general relativity, others hate it, but everyone can agree — it is one of the pillars of modern science. Einstein field equations — the heart of general relativity – explain the relationship among gravity, space, and time. In this narrative of science an culture, author P. Ferreira not only discusses these equations, but also tells the story of Einstein’s great creation through the human drama surrounding it.


A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking (US|UK) | Audio: (US

“A Brief History of Time” was a landmark volume in science writing with more than 9 million copies in print globally. The new edition, enhanced with the new facts and experimental results offers an updated view on many of Hawking’s theoretical predictions from the first edition of his book.



Love & Math by Edward Frenkell (US|UK) Kindle (US|UK)

Love and Math is a unique book that challenges the common perception of the subject of mathematics. A renowned mathematician Edward Frenkel reveals a side of math that you most likely never seen — suffused with all the beauty and elegance of a work of art. The book tells two stories — one of the beauty of math and the other of his own story of becoming a great mathematician. Recommended for those with an interest in mathematics.


Einstein: His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson (US|UK

How did Einstein’s mind work? Where did he draw his inspiration from? These and other questions are tackled in one of the most popular biographies of Einstein. The beauty of Einstein’s personality and the key to his success hides in his rebellious nature. However, despite his great success, his life wasn’t without challenges. In “Einstein: His Life and Universe” Isaacson gazes into the mind of a genius.


The Drunkard’s Walk by Leonard Mlodinow (US|UK)

What role does pure chance & probabilities play in your everyday life? According to Leondard Mlodinow, randomness, chance, and probabilities reveal a tremendous amount about our daily lives and how we underestimate the importance of our every choice. In The Drunkard’s Walk Mlodinow tells the story of randomness and how it plays an undeniable and essential role in economics, culture, politics and other fields.


The Pioneer Detectives by Konstantin Kakaes Kindle (US|UK)

In the 1980s, NASA scientists detected an unknown force acting on the spacecraft Pioneer 10, the first man-made object to journey through the asteroid belt and study Jupiter. The possible explanations consisted of, among others, Dark matter, Tensor–vector–scalar gravity, collisions with gravitons etc. “The Pioneer Detectives” tells the story of the long investigation of the mysterious phenomena.



Hidden in Plain Sight by Andrew Thomas (US|UK) Kindle: (US|UK)

So Hidden in Plain Sight is back to our list of top popular & best-selling books once again. It’s hard to find the exact reason why Thomas’ book is so popular, but if I had to guess I’d say it’s the controversial nature of the book. After all, it claims to unify quantum physics and relativity with a single principle. As you might imagine, this attracts a lot of negative reviews. However, if you are a fan of a more philosophical approach to popular physics and are looking for an easy read, this might be worth your time. After all, the book offers some unique ideas and it costs only 1$.


Einstein and the Quantum by Douglas Stone (US|UK)

Most people recognize the theories of relativity as the greatest achievement of Albert Einstein, however, his work on quantum theory has been revolutionary as well. In Einstein and the Quantum A. Douglas Stone reviews the importance of Einstein work on the quantum theory and how it might be even more important that his ground breaking work on the theory of general relativity in the long run.


 9. Challenger: An American Tragedy by Hugh Harris (US|UK)

On January 28, 1986, the space shuttle Challenger launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Seventy-three seconds after launch, the fiery breach of a solid motor joint caused a rupture of the propellant tanks, and a stunned nation watched as flames engulfed the craft, killing all seven crew members on board. It was Hugh Harris, “the voice of launch control,” whom audiences across the country heard counting down to lift-off on that fateful day. With over fifty years of experience with NASA’s missions, Harris presents the story of the Challenger tragedy as only an insider can.

 10. hidden in plain sight 2 Hidden in Plain Sight 2 by Andrew Thomas (US|UK) Kindle: (US|UK)

Andrew Thomas is back with a sequel to his popular book Hidden in Plain Sight. In this book he expands on the ideas of the previous book by considering such topics of modern physics as black holes, dark energy, dark matter and others. To tackle these mysteries Thomas develops new ideas on how gravity works, which, according to the author, can explain the acceleration of the universe.