Subscribe to Daily Science Paper Updates

Here we have a collection of links that you can use to subscribe to physics/science paper updates straight to your email daily. To subscribe to the newsletters, send an email to with your name in the subject line and the list of topics of interest as outlined below.

Physics arXiv Papers

Here’s an example of an email subscription to the physics arXiv papers falling under the topics of soft condensed matter and superconductivity:

Subject: subscribe John Smith
add Soft Condensed Matter
add Superconductivity

Similarly, you can cancel your subscription (in this case to plasma physics papers):

Subject: subscribe John Smith
del Plasma Physics

The list of valid areas to subscribe to can be found here.

Math arXiv Papers

Here’s an example on how to subscribe to math arXiv papers:

Subject: subscribe Your Name

add Algebraic Geometry
del Universal Algebra

Other arXiv Papers

Using the same logic you can subscribe to any of the areas covered on arXiv (Computer Science, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Math, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance and Statistics).

Benty Fields

An even easier way to subscribe to and manage your favourite arXiv topics is through Benty Fields. Benty Fields uses machine learning to deliver the daily list of papers customized to your interest. In addition it allows you to easily organize journal clubs.