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“Sagan is an astronomer with one eye on the stars, another on history, and a third—his mind’s—on the human condition.”Newsday

“Cosmos” is based on the 13 episodes of the TV series of the same name, hence it is impossible to discuss the book without taking a look at the series. The multi-award winning series were produced in 1978 and 1979 and had a budget of roughly $6.3 million. “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage” was revolutionary in its use of special effects and powerful soundtracks, which made it an instant best-seller. The book has 13 illustrated chapters, each based on the corresponding episode of the TV series. The chapters discuss the cosmic evolution, scientific development and the importance of science. In addition, Sagan overviews the evolution of science throughout the ages and how it has enabled us to reach the current understanding of how the universe works. Naturally, this leads towards some intelligent speculations about the future of our society and the role of science in it. “Cosmos” is beautifully illustrated and written in an easy-to read conversational style, which is typical to Sagan.

Featuring a new Introduction by Sagan’s collaborator, Ann Druyan, full color illustrations, and a new Foreword by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, “Cosmos” retraces the fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution that have transformed matter into consciousness, exploring such topics as the origin of life, the human brain, Egyptian hieroglyphics, spacecraft missions, the death of the Sun, the evolution of galaxies, and the forces and individuals who helped to shape modern science.

“Cosmos” is one of the the best-selling science books ever published in English language. The book had spent 50 weeks on the Publishers Weekly best-seller’s list and has won numerous awards. Such unprecedented popularity paved the way for Sagan’s literary career and also showed that scientific literature can be popular and commercially successful.

About the Author

Carl Edward Sagan was an American astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, science populariser and a best-selling author. Carl Sagan is known as a true educator, a man of passion and love for science and life. Sagan advocated scientific skepticism and the importance of education and curiosity in the modern society.

Sagan’s academic achievements include more than 600 published scientific papers and articles. He was also an author and co-author of more than 20 books including an international best-seller “Cosmos” and a science fiction novel “Contact” which was a basis for a popular film in 1997.

Sagan is often regarded as the first truly popular science educator. Among his many talents there is a unique ability to transfer the passion for science to the audience. Among his numerous authored books, “Cosmos” stands out as being one of the most popular science books ever published.

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