Are Nanoparticles Alive?

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Dr. Amanda Barnard is an Office of the Chief Executive (OCE) Science leader, and head of the Virtual Nanoscience Laboratory at CSIRO. She received her PhD in 2003, followed by a Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Nanoscale Materials at Argonne National Laboratory (USA), and the prestigious senior research position as Violette & Samuel Glasstone Fellow at the University of Oxford (UK) with an Extraordinary Research Fellowship at The Queen’s College.

In this talk Dr Amanda Barnard will take us through the latest advances in nanotechnology and answer the fantastic question: ‘Are nanoparticles alive?’ In the world of science fiction, nanotechnology is often shown as swarms of micro-machines that act without the need for human supervision. Much like their biological counterparts, these imagined devices even sometimes possess their own intelligence. The imagination of science fiction writers has taken this high tech fantasy beyond the reality. But scientists have imagination too, and increasingly they are taking nanomaterials to remarkable places with properties that sound stranger than fiction.

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