10 Free Data Analysis Courses

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Even though data science is by no means a new discipline, with the recent advancement in internet technologies, data scientists have new power in their hands. As an example consider this article on how twitter can predict stock prices more accurately than any investment tactic. Now, given that the great giant of physics, Isaac Newton, once said that he can calculate the motions of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people (after loosing a huge sum in the stock market of course), you have to give credit to these data scientists.


So, given that this field seems to be so hot these days, let’s take a look at some great free courses that can actually teach you data analysis. Here are 10 absolutely free courses, which consist of written lecture notes, videos and assignments. Some of them require you to sign up and wait for the next session, while most of the other ones can be accessed at any time.



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