SETI: Exoplanet Kepler 452b

| August 12, 2015 | 0 Comments

So recently a planet called Kepler 452b got some big attention in the news headlines. As the name implies it is one of the exoplanets detected by the NASA’s Kepler space observatory dedicated to extrasolar planet hunt.  The main reason why detection of yet another exoplanet (so far we have found over 1000) was so exciting, was the planet’s similarity to Earth and the potential for sustaining life. The similarity to Earth and the potential to sustain life can be roughly expressed through the Earth similarity index (ESI) and whether the planet orbits in the habitable zone or not.  And it turns out that Kepler 452b has both a high similarity index and appears to be orbiting its host star in the habitable zone, which obviously makes this little-known planet perfect for breaking science news.

In this SETI conference experts in exoplanet hunting and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence will discuss why this discovery is relevant and what are its implications. As always, for more similar videos use the links below and register for our email newsletter.

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