PI: String Theory “Legos” for Black Holes

| May 20, 2015 | 0 Comments

In this public lecture at the Perimeter Institute Prof Amanda Peet (University of Toronto) delivers a public lecture on how string theory can provide a better understanding of black holes. Prof Peet does research on various topics in string theory with an ultimate goal of forming a unified description of all fundamental forces in nature and particles influenced by them.

Black holes are among the most unique objects found in the Universe. Given that they are associated with extremely strong gravitational fields as well as non-negligible quantum effects, both general relativity and quantum theory are required to form a full understanding of these exotic objects. Currently we do not have a complete theory that would combine the theory of the big — general relativity — with the theory of the small — quantum mechanics. Instead, we have a bunch of candidate theories, such as loop quantum gravity and string theory. In this talk Prof Peet will show us that string theory might hold a key to some of the bigger mysteries in black hole physics.

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