SETI: It’s Life Jim, But Not As We Know It

| March 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

Here we have another great talk recently released by SETI. Jason W. Barnes presents a rather unorthodox set of ideas regarding the validity of the conditions required to be present for life to form on exoplanets. As Barnes discusses, the prerequisites for life are thought to be: (1) a liquid solvent; (2) chemical building blocks; and (3) an energy source. These prerequisites, however, are based on a set of assumptions, which can be freely be doubted and questioned. For instance, we might ask: is water the only solvent in which life can exist? Though more exotic solvents (like ammonia, liquid nitrogen, or supercritical carbon dioxide) may exist in extrasolar systems, the only surface liquids outside of Earth that we know about today occur on Saturn’s smoggy moon Titan. Dr Barnes will describe these seas, their chemistry, and hydrology, with an eye toward whether they could serve as possible abodes for life.

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