SETI: Artists Imaging Exoworlds

| September 20, 2014 | 0 Comments

This video from SETI features a panel of artists, who are experts in visualising the alien worlds. Although it is hard to believe, art plays an important role in science and eduction. An important part of learning about the newly discovered planets is being able to visualise how they look, what colours dominate the landscape and so on. And this is where such people as Lynette Cook, Danielle Futselaar, Eric Hanson and Mark Showalter come into play. Lynette Cook is famous for her breath-taking depictions of extrasolar planets. Danielle Futselaar, an artist and an illustrator, is also a volunteer captain of creative design for SETI. Eric Hanson is a visual effects designer specializing in the creation of digital environments and effects for feature films, such as The Fifth Element and The Mission to Mars. Mark Showalter works on some of NASA’s highest-profile missions to the outer planets, including Cassini, now orbiting Saturn, and New Horizons.

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