5 Free Astrobiology Books

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One of the most exciting fields in the last decade or so has been astrobiology. With an advent of new observational techniques, which enable scientists to find hundreds of exoplanets in distant stellar systems, experts are now asking questions of what those detected planets might look like. This is where astrobiology — a science field combining techniques from astronomy, physics, biology, chemistry and some other fields — comes in. One of the major questions that astrobiologers tackle is the origin of life on Earth and the possibility of life in other planets.


So given that it is such an exciting field and we have only a few free books on the subject in the free book list, here are 5 free books on astrobiology (this includes books, lecture notes and articles):

1. Complete Course on Astrobiology
2. Astrobiology: the Study of the Living Universe
3. An Astrobiology Primer: Outline of General Knowledge
4. University of Hawaii: Course on Astrobiology
5. A Course on Extra-Solar Planets and Astrobiology







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