New Physics Books: Quantum Field Theory for Amateurs and Rock Stars

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Some great new physics books have been released recently, and, as always, Physics Database is here to take a look at some of the top newly released titles. This includes both the new editions and the brand new titles. For more recent physics books check out this link.

 No. Book Cover Review
 1. 9780199699322

Quantum Field Theory for the Gifted Amateur (US|CA)

As the title perfectly describes it, this book is an introduction to quantum field theory for amateurs. Now, for those, who are aware of what quantum field theory is, the aim of the author might sound unrealistic — after all, how can one of the hardest physics fields be taught to amateurs? Well, according to the author: quantum field theory is is too important, too beautiful, and too engaging to be restricted to the professionals. And thus this book aims to introduce the subject to gifted amateurs, which, according to the reviews, is achieved with mixed results.


The Asteroid Threat by William E. Burrows (US|CA)

This new book discusses the threat from the heavens that the Earth is constantly facing. The explosion of a large meteor over Chelyabinsk, Siberia, in February 2013 was just another widely documented reminder of the damage of catastrophic collisions with asteroids. Fortunately, there are ways of protecting Earth from the potential collisions. This would require an effective planetary defense strategy, which is thoroughly discussed in the book.


Packing for Mars by Mary Roach (US|CA)

Have you ever wondered how would life be in space? With no air, gravity, fresh food, privacy and other needs? In this book Mary Roach discusses life and space and how it can be at least partially understood here on Earth. The author brings the reader to a fascinating journey to science of life in space.

 4. 81mbP70GFsL._SL1500_

Physics In Quantities and Examples by Metin Bektas (US|CA) 

Physics In Quantities and Examples is a formal introduction to the field of physics that does not require prior knowledge. The book lays out the introduction to physics by using step-by-step instructions, examples and problems. The mathematics is limited to high school algebra, which makes this book a great choice for beginners.


Physics for Rock Stars by Christine McKinley (US|CA)

This recently released book from the the host of the History channel’s Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, explains the laws of the universe with clarity and humor. Why does nature abhor a vacuum? What causes magnetic attraction? How to jump off a moving train or do a perfect stage dive? In Physics for Rock Stars you will find the answers to these and many other fascinating questions.

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