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One of my favorite websites is the great archive.org. It’s basically a collection of (almost) everything that is in the public domain. This usually refers to works that are either very old or the ones that nobody has copyrighted. Examples of important public domain works include the art of Shakespeare, Mozart, Beethoven, papers of Newton, as well as many classical books, silent films and popular music pieces. Even though most of the material that is found in the public domain is of rather low quality for obvious reasons,  some gems can be found if one has a lot of patience. So today let’s look at what works of Albert Einstein can be found in the vast public domain.

Albert-Einstein-by-Yousuf-Karsh (1)

Many of Einstein’s works and books can be found in the public domain. This page contains 9 files with different works of Einstein, such as Relativity: The Special and General Theory, The World as I see It and his other works on science, worldview, politics and religion. This page also contains some interesting documents from the National Academy of Sciences related to Einstein.  Another great collection of documents and other related stuff comes from Leo Baeck Institute Archives and can be found here. It includes some interesting historic documents, such as Eisntein’s letters to Roosevelt, the Queen Elizabeth of Belgium and other great stuff.

The public domain is also home for rare original video footage. In this rare footage below we can see Albert Einstein arriving to US after fleeing the Nazi Germany in 1933. More cool footage can be found by using the search function at archive.com.



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