Alien Planets Revealed

| March 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

Here is a documentary discussing the recent advances in the stimulating field of exoplanet hunting. So far, NASA’s Kepler mission has identified more than 3,500 potential planets orbiting other stars, including such exotic planets as Kepler – 22b, which might even be home for life. This video discusses how Kepler mission hunts planets and how the combined effort of astrophysicists, astronomers, biologists and chemists gives us a chance to get a glimpse into other worlds. The most fascinating question, of course, is whether any of the detected planets could harbor life and how it could be detected? This requires a better understanding of planet formation and life forms existing in extreme conditions that might be present in the detected planets. For more similar videos visit the links below.

Habitable Exoplanets | More videos



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