Top 5 New Physics Books (Feb)

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Some great new physics books have been released recently, so, as always, here’s a short overview of 5 top physics books that you should definitely check out. For more new physics books check this link or Amazon’s new releases.

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The Pauli – Jung Conjecture by Harald Atmanspacher, Christopher A. Fuchs (US|UK)

What does Wolfgang Pauli and Carl Jung have in common you ask? Well the answer is simple — a craving for knowledge of how the world works. Even though they studied seemingly unrelated fields, both scientists were interested in such topics as realism, measurement, observation, consciousness, and the unconscious. Naturally the search for answers to these questions led the two great scientists to considerations about the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics, which, as they believed, held the key to understanding the both fundamental physics and the human mind.


Computing with Quantum Quantum Cats by John Gribbin (US|UK)

As you might guess from the title, this new book by John Gribbin discusses the rapidly blooming field of quantum computing. Even though we don’t have a functioning quantum computer yet, scientists are at the brink of releasing the power of the quantum. And this, of course, is all about taming the Schrodinger’s cat, i.e. understanding quantum physics and making use of it.

Gribbin starts off by explaining the basic principles of quantum mechanics and how they are used in modern technology. This is delivered through a discussion of Turing machine and how such simple ideas will evolve in the future.


The Dark Matter Problem by Robert Sanders (US|UK

According to the current understanding of cosmology, our universe is dominated by dark matter and dark energy. And even though thousands of physicists are working towards uncovering the mystery of dark matter, the nature of it is still not known. This new book by Robert H. Sanders discusses the local attempts of uncovering the secrets of dark matter. Current theories, models and observational attempts are discussed  in terms of the implications for particle physics and cosmology.


Marketing the Moon by David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek (US|UK

In Marketing the Moon, David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek tell the story of one of the most successful marketing and public relations campaigns in history: the selling of the Apollo program. Apollo 11’s flight was much more than an amazing feat of engineering, it was a great victory in the cold war, which coulnd’t have turned out so well without a great amount of advertisement. Marketing the Moon tells this story in pictures and includes pictures and excerpts from science magazines, newspaper articles, advertisements and tv shows.


Nearest Star: The Surprising Science of our Sun (US|UK)

Our Sun — the nearest star, — despite being one of the most studied objects in the sky, still hides many secrets. In this new book Golub and Pasachoff describes what we currently know about the Sun and what is still not understood. The size and the distance to the Sun makes it a perfect laboratory for stellar and nuclear physics. Thus it is no wonder that our star played an important role in such scientific mysteries as the neutrino oscillation problem. Needless to say, the Sun plays a crucial role in Earth’s climate, space weather and global warming, which motivates further study of it.

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