10 Science Blogs You Should Check Out

| March 14, 2014 |

In this post I would like to share some of my favorite science and physics blogs that everyone should check out. Most of these are physics, astronomy and general science blogs, but we also have some math and other blogs thrown in. Which one is your favorite?

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1. Bad Astronomy

Bad Astronomy is Phil Plait’s personal blog. For those, who don’t know, Phil Plait is an astronomer, science blogger, skeptic and a writer. He writes every other day on the news of astronomy, posts amazing videos and astronomical pictures and shares his opinions on topics on bad astronomy.

2. Dot Physics

Dot Physics is a blog hosted by Rhett Allain — a professor of physics, a slacker and a scuba diver. The blog focuses on physics articles, book reviews, physics questions and common physics myths.

3. Physics Buzz Blog

This light-hearted physics blog offers an overview of both the news of physics and the fun side of science.  The blog is updated frequently and the topics range from physics misconceptions, technology news, physics experiments that you can do at home and much more.

4. Terry Tao’s Blog

This blog is unique as it is one of the few blogs actually hosted by a leading expert in his field. For those, who didn’t know, Terry Tao is a leading mathematician, a child prodigy and one of the recipients of the 2006 field medal. In this blog Tao discusses the recent advancements in mathematics and his personal research. Since, Tao focuses on recent advancements, I would like to recommend this blog mostly to professional mathematicians and math students, since the content is highly technical.

5.  Life Unbounded

Now I am personally a big fan of the relatively young field of science called astrobiology. And when it comes to astrobiology blogs, one of my favorites is Life Unbounded, which is hosted by Caleb Scharf. Scharf is an astronomer, cosmologist and an astrobiologer, who shares the news of astrobiology, as well as his views on various topics related to the field.

6. Chemistry Blog

While personally not having much interest in chemistry I still recommend this blog due to interesting posts, chemistry news and a wide variety of professional bloggers.

7. IOP Blog

IOP blog is hosted by the Institute of Physics. It features top physics news and updates from the institute as well as guest posts. In addition, you can find some great science videos on the IOP website.

8. The Biology Blog

While not having the most inventive title, this blog offers top news of biology, plus some great articles. Some topics often covered in the blog include microbiology, modelling, stem cell biology, molecular biology and so on.

9. Bad Science

Bad science is hosted by a best-selling author, medical doctor and a broadcaster Dr Ben Goldcare, who delves deep into the topics on misuse  of science and statistics by journalists, politicians and drug companies.

10. Science Blogs

Science Blogs is the ultimate website for blogs on medicine, technology, physics, information science and others. The website is hosted by multiple authors, all experts in their fields.



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