Top New Physics Books You Should Check Out (January)

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It’s that time again when we take a look at the top physics released throughout the last month. As always, here are 5 short reviews including all the relevant links. For more recent physics books check out the new physics books section.

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The Accidental Universe by Alan Lightman (US|UK

In this new book Alan Lightman tries to answer some of the hardest questions possible, aims to uncover the mystery of the multiverses and tackles with the peculiarities of entropy and spirituality. The Accidental Universe is a collection of essays looking at the universe from a variety of different perspectives and trying to understand our place in it.


Worlds Without End by Mary-Jane Rubenstein (US|UK)

In a relatively short time the exotic theory of multiverse made an impressive leap from philosophy to science. Nowadays, the multiverse theory, although still exotic, is a serious part of cosmology, string theory and some other branches of physics. Naturally, like all other controversial theories in physics, it has been roughly criticized, but despite that, the exotic idea of multiverse might be an answer to many boggling questions in modern physics.


Wizards, Aliens and Starships by Charles Adler  (US|UK)

Believe it or not, nowadays we are living in a world that only a few decades ago was only a dream in the heads of science fiction fans. Remember Star Trek and all those other sci-fi shows? Well today we actually have many of the gadgets shown on such shows — starting with smartphones with artificial intelligence apps and ending with robots that can beat humans on chess and other games. In Wizards, Aliens and Starships Charles Adler takes a look at some other popular concepts in science fiction and aims to answer the question of how realistic they are.


College Physics: A Strategic Approach by Knight, Jones and Field (US|UK)

College Physics: A Strategic Approach sets a new standard for algebra-based introductory physics-gaining widespread critical acclaim from professors and students alike. The textbook aims to help you see and understand the big picture, gain crucial problem-solving skills and confidence, and better prepare for lectures and the future career.


A Brief History of String Theory by Dean Rickles (US|UK)

As you might guess from the title, this recent release by Dean Rickles tells the involving story of one of the most exotic theories in physics — the string theory. Due to the great expectations and the great difficulty of testing the theory it has ironically been called both the theory of everything and the theory of nothing. However, despite the criticism, many great minds have been working on the theory and thus it’s not a surprise that it has a rich and colourful history.



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