Some Amazing Science Android Apps That You Should Try Out

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Let’s be honest, despite the short battery life and a tendency to break apart, smartphones are amazing. And perhaps the coolest part about these small handheld computers is a huge selection of free apps. So let’s take a look at some amazing free science and physics apps that you should definitely try out.


Mobento app offers users video learning on-the-go. It offers videos from such sources as Stanford, Yale, Kahn Academy, TED and even NASA. The videos can also be downloaded and saved for viewing offline.

Skeptical Science

Skeptical Science app delves deep into the problem of global warming. The idea is that the app offers solid evidence for global warming from peer reviewed papers.


While this app is not technically a science app, it offers a huge selection of science TED talks. You can watch all the newest talks, browse all the different categories, read bio’s of speakers and, basically, do anything you could online at TED website.

Google Sky Map

Google Sky Map is one of the most popular star gazing apps out there, giving you a complete guide to the night sky. The app is basically a complete map of the sky including stars, constellations, planets and satellites.


Ever wondered what exactly goes on in LHC? Well this free app can give you the answer. Download the app to find out how particle physicists hunt down new particles.

Physics Cheat Sheets

The name of the app says it all. Need a quick reference for physics homework? Need some help with a test? Then this is the app for you. It includes all the important equations of basic physics and some nice graphs.

Learn Physics

This app is great for those looking to learn basic physics. The app offers free tutorials, equations, graphs & quizzes covering all the most important topics. The app is great for revision.


NASA’s APOD is a perfect app for astronomy lovers and everyone, who loves breathtaking pictures. It offers a beautiful astronomical picture daily.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Forgot your damned Casio calculator at home again? Well, no worries — RealCalc is here to help you. This app offers a great scientific calculator for your phone. It includes all the stuff that you would expect from a scientific calculator plus some extra things, such as unit conversion.

Funny Facts Free 8000+

This great app offers loads of funny & interesting facts about science, human body, statistics, sex, strange laws and so on. Recommended for trivia fans.

Paper Toss & Other Physics Games

After star gazing, studying, watching lectures and all these other activities, it seems like a great idea to relax with a physics-based game. One of such games is a simple, yet addicting game called Paper Toss. The idea is simple, you have to toss a piece of paper into a trashcan. Sounds simple? Well it’s not, especially when you have a fan blowing at you and all these other distractions going on. For other fun games check out the link below.



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