HWU: Black Holes with a Twist

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In this new video Professor Daniele Faccio talks about the physics of black holes. Black holes have a special place in physics, as the laws of general relativity must break down inside black holes. However, the singularity of a black hole is one of the few known objects, which should in theory behave according to some combination of both the laws of quantum mechanics and general relativity. Naturally, this makes black holes objects of great interest to physicists.

In this lecture Faccio presents a short history of black hole research and why it matters. The lecture is carried on by comparing the ideas of hydrodynamics and general relativity, which, interestingly, have a lot in common. In addition, Faccio discusses his own work with lasers, the aim of which is to create black holes in a lab. Also, some other approaches of creating systems similar to black holes are introduced. What is fascinating, is that there appears to be a number of ways to create systems, which, in principle, should emit Hawking radiation. If it turns out to be correct, scientists at Heriot-Watt university will take an important step towards a better experimental understanding of the event horizons.

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