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Another great month has passed and it’s time to review some of the best newly released books from last month. Here are 5 short reviews including Amazon links and other useful info. The list includes both newly released books and the new editions of older books. For more reviews, check out the customer comments on Amazon. Also, for more recent books check out the new book section.

 No. Book Cover Review

A Most Incomprehensible Thing by Peter Collier (US|UK

“A Most Incomprehensible Thing” is a book, which offers an accessible introduction to general and special theories of relativity. This newly released kindle edition features an introduction to the required mathematics, introduction to curvature and discussions of general and special theories of relativity. The book is concluded with a discussion of cosmology and how many complex problems are tackled by employing general relativity


From Dust to Life by John Chambers & Jacqueline Mitton (US|UK)

The evolution of the solar system is a story that, in many ways, is as fascinating as the evolution of the human life on our planet. And this book tells us how the solar system formed and how this astrophysical mystery is related to the beginning of life on Earth. From Dust to Life is a must-read for anyone who desires to know more about how the solar system came to be.


Newton’s Football by Allen John and Ainissa Ramirez (US|UK

In Newton’s Football, journalist and a bestselling author Allen St. John  and a former Yale professor Ainissa Ramirez explore the unexpected science behind American football. Believe it or not, science has a lot to contribute to the popular American sport. In this newly-released book, author invites the readers on a journey into the science of sports.


Cosmos by Giles Sparrow (US|UK)

Giles Sparrow studied astronomy at University College, London, and science communication at Imperial College before trying out a career as an author. Since then he has authored and co-authored a number of popular science books on astronomy. In this new beautiful book Cosmos, the reader goes on a journey around the universe through high quality pictures of galaxies, stars, planets, nebulae and other wonders of the sky.


Ordinary Geniuses by Gino Segre (US|UK)

In this new book Gino Segre tells the story of two great scientists and friends — Max Delbruck and George Gamow. We can thank these two scientists for the mapping of the human genome and an enhanced understanding of the Big Bang. But, despite their important important discoveries, not many people know about Delbruck and Gamow. In Ordinary Geniuses Segre presents the biography of these two scientists and the story of their friendship.

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