Why the Anti-World Matters by Tara Shears

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Antimatter is basically a form of matter, which is made out of antiparticles, that have the same mass as ordinary particles, however their charge is opposite. Interestingly, encounters between normal matter and anti-matter produces high-energy photons. This experimental fact leads to an interesting puzzle, which is why does anything even exist, if matter and anti-matter annihilate upon contact? A simple explanation could be that there is more ordinary matter in our universe than there is anti-matter. This in and of itself is a puzzle as well, which is often called the asymmetry of matter and anti-matter problem.

In this high quality video, Tara Shears discusses why anti-matter is important and how understanding it helps us understand the universe. She examines the progress being made towards understanding this elusive version of matter, and explains the latest results from LHCb and elsewhere. In addition, she tackles some of the problems mentioned in the last paragraph. For more similar videos, visit the RI YouTube channel.

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