Royal Institution: The Science of Fireworks

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The history of fireworks begins back in the 7th century China, where they were invented, according to historic documents. Fireworks were used to accompany many festivities and grew to become an important part of the culture of China. The art and science of firework making has developed into an independent profession and eventually spread all around the world.

Even though the society is well acquainted with the aesthetic value of fireworks, they are really interesting from a scientific standpoint as well. In this Royal Institution talk, Professor Chris Bishop gives a family lecture on the history and science of fireworks. Through a series of flashy demonstrations Bishop tells the story of fireworks and how it relates to development of gun powder and the origin of photography. For more HD lectures check out the YouTube channel of the Royal Institution.

Royal Institution | More videos

*Demonstration fireworks kindly donated by Jordan’s Fireworks –



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