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| October 27, 2013 | 2 Comments

It seems like a great time to update the free science book section, so here I present a bunch of free books, tutorials & lecture notes sorted into categories. For more free books check out our full list of free books.


Circuit QED — Lecture Notes
Computational Physics with Python
How to Use Experimental Data to Compute the Probability of Your Theory
Introductory Computational Physics
Laboratory Manual for Introductory Physics


Mathematical Methods 1
Mathematical Biology
Elementary Linear Algebra
Music: A Mathematical Offering
AMPL:  A Modeling Language for Mathematical Programming

General Science

Automation and Robotics
Advanced Learning
The Wonder Book of Knowledge
About Life: Concepts in Modern Biology
Advances in Evolutionary Algorithms


The Geology of Terrestrial Planets
The Planet Mars
Black-Hole Phenomenology
Supernova Remnants: The X-ray Perspective
The Astrobiology Primer: An Outline of General Knowledge



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  1. Andrius T. neutrino says:

    For free algebra books, check out the full list of free physics books available at the top of this page. There you can find such books as “College Algebra” and “Mathematics, Basic Math and Algebra”. For non-free books I would simply recommend “Algebra I for Dummies”, which is simple-to-read and good for revision.

    For free biology books, check out this link:





  2. David Rice says:

    Will you please suggest some books? I’m trying to find an introductory text for a post high school student who has expressed an interest in biology. The other book is for another student who must take college algebra and has forgotten introductory algebra. Thank you for your help.

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