New Physics Books (September)

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Another great month has passed and it’s time to take a look at some of the newly released physics books. Here are 5 short reviews, including useful links. For more recent books, check out new physics books section.

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Complexity and the Arrow of Time by Lineweaver, Davies and Ruse (US|UK) | Kindle: (US|UK)

There has been a great effort to explain complexity in our universe from both scientists and philosophers. This new book aims to document our ongoing progress in this research by bringing a number of experts working in philosophy, science and theology and discussing their views. Naturally, this brings us to a question of the nature of time, which is important in both natural sciences and philosophy.


My Brief History by Stephen Hawking (US|UK) Kindle: (US|UK)

After writing multiple bestsellers, Stephen Hawking finally writes about his own life. Starting with the post-war days in London, continuing the story about his days at Cambridge and revealing the details of his fight with ALS, Hawking reveals more about his life than ever before. The book also offers never seen photographs and unknown facts from the Cosmologist’s biography.


Let it Shine by John Perlin (US|UK) | Kindle: (UK)

Let it Shine, is a 6000 year journey through the history of solar energy. For most people solar energy seems a relatively modern phenomena, which is quite unfortunate, as solar power has a long and rich history. For instance, did you know that Leonardo da Vinci had plans of using huge mirrors to heat up water and make a fortune this way? Or how about a little known fact that ancient Chinese used little hand-held mirrors to light fire?


Dreams of Other Worlds by Chris Impey and Holly Henry (US|UK) | Kindle: (US|UK)

This book documents the fascinating history of unmanned space exploration. Starting with the Viking and Mars Exploration Rover missions Dreams of Other Worlds discusses four decades of missions, which have transformed our understanding of the solar system. Recommended for space science enthusiasts.


The Spark of Life by Frances Ashcroft (US|UK) | Kindle (US|UK)

We are used to the undeniable importance of electricity in our everyday lives, but we rarely remember what important role it plays in medicine. What is a hearth attack? Is it possible to die of fear? What is death? Remarkably, is in the hearth of the answer to these questions. The Spark of Life discusses this remarkable role of electricity in our bodies, exploring the history of the subject.



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