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Besides many great free textbooks that you can find online, the internet offers a variety of free science tutorials, videos and other resources. These are great to study individually or to assist you during revision. So today let’s take a look at some of the best links for science students.

The Physics Classroom

The Physics Classroom has a collection of resources for both physics students and teachers. Students can benefit from the basic physics tutorials. Shockwave and video demonstrations are also available for free.


This link offers high-school level video tutorials, which answer the basic questions of physics. The videos have a very helpful layout and also include example problems. The website also has interactive quizzes.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit website dedicated to spreading free education online. It is the ultimate resource for free science tutorials, videos and quizzes. The subjects covered include math, science, programming/computer science & humanities.

Cambridge Cosmology

This classic webpage offers text-based articles on the basics of cosmology. The page also contains some simple, but informative simulations. Recommended for beginners. Also, check out Cambridge Relativity.

This page contains countless number of links to articles, videos, tutorials and other resources related to modern cosmology. Highly recommended.

This simple website offers a bunch of links to free courses available online. It incudes many of the MIT, Stanford and Berkeley open courses.

MIT Open Courseware

MIT Open Coursware offers lecture notes and video lectures on a wide array of topics. The lectures are high-quality and the course notes are available as well. The only downside is that not every offered course has video lectures available.

Learners TV

Learners TV offers free video lectures in a variety of subjects (mostly scientific). There are around 50 free courses offered on the website. Most of the video courses are on various topics in classical physics, although there are a few courses on more advanced topics. The website also has a feature to download the lectures and to view them on a phone/tablet using the QR code.

Learn Out Loud

This is another great website for free video and audio resources. Even though the website is dedicated mostly to audio resources, there are many great video lectures offered as well. Learn out loud offers loads of free lectures in science, art, history, literature, philosophy and other subjects. In science section, there are over 100 video and audio lectures available.

Open Culture

Open Culture is one of the most popular websites for free resources. In total, it offers 750 courses from top universities. A great advantage of the offered courses is that they are available in multiple formats.


A website dedicated to younger students. It includes tutorials, videos, games and more. The covered subjects include science, social studies, history, human body, English and more.


Another website with a variety resources for K12 students. Mostly dedicated for 1-8 grade students. Has a great number of videos on a huge variety of subjects.

Vega Science Programme

This website offers a big selection of video lectures delivered by top scientists. In addition, you can browse the archive of interviews with scientists and other useful videos.

Royal Institution

I wanted to add this YouTube page as it has a lot of great lectures, including some of the famous Christmas Lectures, which are held each year at the Royal Institution. Other videos on the channel include full length talks by leading scientists and educators. Recommended for both students and experts.



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