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Here’s another addition to the “reading list” section. Let’s take a look at some articles, news and blog posts that are fun, interesting and worthy of your attention.

1. Artists Inspired to Depict Physics (September 23)

It’s clear that the aims of particle physics — to understand the world in terms of its most fundamental building blocks — can inspire physicists. Now, however, due to the Collision contest organized by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Particle Physics at the Terascale, artists also can draw inspiration from modern physics. The aim of the contest was to create artwork depicting new physics. To see the results of this unique contest and to read more check out the link above.

2. A Video Game Based on Particle Physics (September 24)

Physics plays an obvious role in the game design, but not often can you see a full game based on physics. Particulars is a new video game based on particle physics. In the game you take a role of the down quark, which meets other particles along the way. For more, check out the link above.


3. The Mystery of the Moving Magnetic Field (September 25)

This entry is a Physics Central podcast focusing on the mystery of the moving magnetic field. In particular, the Earth’s magnetic field has always been a mysterious phenomena to scientists. In this podcast, the magnetic field is analysed and a number of explanations is given to explain why it is moving.

4. Lightsabers are Finally Possible … Kind Of (September 26)

Great news for Star Wars fans — the physics behind a lightsaber is now a reality. Physicists at Harvard and MIT have discovered a new way of binding photons together, which produce an effect similar to that seen in the Star Wars movies. For a more more detailed description check out the link above.



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