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In this series of articles we take a look at anything that’s worth reading from the last 7 days. It includes interesting articles, reviews, news and anything else that you should read. So here are a few links with short descriptions.

1. A Jewel at the Hearth of Quantum Physics

Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object, which significantly simplifies particle interaction calculations. The importance of the discovery is not only in the simplicity of calculations using the new technique, but also the fact that it is a step towards a geometrical version of quantum field theory. To read more and to find out what the hell is a amplituhedron use the link above.

2. Hawking: the Man Behind the Physics

You might like Stephen Hawking or you might not, but one thing is undeniable — he is one of the most popular physicists of the last century. Now, a new documentary about the scientific celebrity will reach the screens and Wired takes a look at the movie and Hawking’s life.

3. A Quantum Gravity and Cosmology Conference

Of Particular Significance is a science blog that focuses on particle physics. In this article, however, Matt Strassler shares his experience in a recent quantum gravity and cosmology conference. Also, check out the other articles on the blog.

4. Astrophotos Galore: 2013 Astronomy Photographer of the Year Awards

Each year Greenwich observatory hosts a contests of best astrophotos. Once again, the competition has gathered some amazing pictures. To find out more  and see some of the best pictures check out the article above.



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