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It seems like a good time to take a look at what’s going on in the world of physics books. So here are some of the most interesting new physics books released this month (including a few new editions of older books). For more recent physics books, visit top 10 physics books and the new physics books section.

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After Apollo by Roger D. Launius (US)

The Apollo’s moon landings is often called the most impressive scientific and engineering achievement of the 20th century. But it wasn’t just that — it was an epic spectacle that marked the fulfillment of the centuries-old dream.

In After Apollo, Roger Launius takes a look at the cultural significance of the landings, especially in the 21st century. While not exactly a physics bookAfter Apollo illustrates how science can influence the society, thus it should be of interest to physicists.


Early Days of X-ray Crystallography by Andre Authier (US|UK) Kindle: (US|UK)

Back in 1912 X-ray diffraction was discovered, which in turn lead to the confirmation of Bragg’s law. This great discovery meant the beginning of a new era in experimental physics — an era of X-ray crystallography. The book tells the story of this discovery and of the science of X-ray crystallography, which plays an important role in physics, chemistry, mineralogy and biology.


Gravitation: Our Quantum Treasure by Zoltan J. Kiss (US|UK)

Zoltan J. Kiss, a nuclear engineer, presents his newest book on gravity. The purpose of the book, according to the author, is to show that nature has granted us with a source of almost infinite energy — gravitation. As the author describes it, the future of energy generation belongs to electricity and motion generation based on gravitation.


AC/DC: The Savage Tale of the First Standards War by Tom McNichol (US|UK) Kindle: (US|UK)

AC/DC tells the story of the fierce war between the supporters of alternating current and direct current. Believe it or not, something as straightforward as a conflict between technical standards grew into a battle fueled by arrogance, vanity and cruelty. Somewhere in this battle, we find the great Thomas Edison, who wrongly bets on the loosing side.



Under the Spell of Landau by M. Shiftman (US|UK) Kindle: (US|UK)

The new book titled Under the Spell of Landau tells the often forgotten stories of the leading Soviet theoretical physicists from the Landau school. The list of physicists trained by Lev Landau includes: Migdal, Zeldovich, Smorodinsky, Ter-Martirosyan, Kirzhnits, Gribov, Larkin, Anselm and others. Yet, despite the great achievements of these physicists, not many people know about their lives and work. Now, M. Shiftman, lifts the iron curtain to tell the story of the great Landau school.



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