New Physics Books (June & July)

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Another month has passed and, once again, we have some amazing new physics books to review. Here are 5 top books released last month and at the beginning of July as seen on Amazon. For more book reviews visit new physics books section and top 10 physics books.

 No. Book Cover Review
 1. Bridge to Dark Matter by Stephen Blaha (US|UK)

The new book by Stephen Blaha discusses the current major problems in Physics and offers a possible solution. In particular, the book offers an extended version of The Standard Model based on earlier work that adds another SU(2)X U(1) symmetry to the usual Standard Model, and an accompanying set of particles that are the constituents of Dark Matter.


The Character of a Physical Law by Richard Feynman (US)

The newly released Character of a Physical Law brings back the readers to the lectures of one of the greatest physics educators — Richard Feynman. In these Messenger Lectures, originally delivered at Cornell University and recorded for television by the BBC, Richard Feynman offers an overview of selected physical laws and gathers their common features into one broad principle of invariance.

 3. Signature of Life by Edward Ashpole (US) | Kindle (US) | eBay

The book delves into the ever-going hunt for intelligent life in the universe by SETI. In an informative manner Edward Ashpole discusses the fifty years of search for alien life and why, so far, it has been unsuccessful. This in turn leads the author to a discussion of alternative methods of detecting extraterrestrial life.


Hidden in Plain Sight 2 by Andrew Thomas (US|UK) | Kindle (US|UK) | eBay

This book is a follow-up to the best-seller by the same name written by Andrew Thomas. Hidden in Plain Sight 2 explores such questions as: Why do things move?; Why is the expansion of the universe accelerating?; Is the universe a black hole? The authors delves into the heart of theoretical physics and makes it fascinating for any reader.


Space X by Erik Seedhouse (US|UK) | eBay

The first account of commercial spaceflight’s successful venture describes the extraordinary feats of engineering and human achievement that have placed SpaceX at the forefront of the launch industry and made it the most likely candidate for transporting humans to Mars. Since its inception in 2002, SpaceX has sought to change the space launch paradigm by developing a family of launch vehicles that will ultimately reduce the cost and increase the reliability of space access tenfold.



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