Introductory Astronomy

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Here’s a course on introductory astronomy by prof. Robert Nemiroff from Michigan tech. It has 24 lectures, each focusing on a different introductory topic. The topics covered in the lectures can be found below the video. Also, for other lectures, click the playlist button.

ThePhysicsX | More lectures


  1. Grand tour of the universe
  2. Universe, scale and light
  3. Universe, scale and light 2
  4. Moon phases and eclipses
  5. Magnitudes and calendars
  6. Mercury, Venus and Mars
  7. Jupiter and Uranus
  8. Earth and Moon
  9. Saturn and Neptune
  10. Pluto, minor planets and asteroids
  11. Comets and meteors
  12. The Sun’s atmosphere
  13. Stars — single and binary
  14. Star clusters
  15. Star death
  16. Black holes
  17. Our Milky Way galaxy
  18. Galaxies
  19. The distant universe
  20. The geometry of the universe
  21. In the beginning
  22. Early forces and inflation
  23. Life: are we alone?
  24. UFO’s and pseudoscience



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