The Ultimate List of Physics TED Talks

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TED, which stands for technology, entertainment and design, is a global conference with a mission to spread important ideas from the fields of science,  art, technology, design and business. TED began as a single conference back in 1984, but later became an annual conference held in Monterey, California. Due to high popularity TED events spread all around world offering live streaming of the events online. In 2009 TED started grating licenses to organize independent TED-like conferences all around the world. This resulted in more than 16,000 talks delivered in over 5,000 events. Now most of these free talks are accessible to everyone online.

The great thing about TED conferences is that they attract many great speakers from all around the globe. This includes Nobel prize winners, famous physicists, mathematicians, astronomers and other great personalities. So, since there are so many great talks and it’s easy to get lost, here’s a list of free TED talks about physics and some other closely related subjects. Broken links can be reported here.


TED Talks

TEDx Talks



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