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So since the textbooks on particle physics, offered on our list of free physics books, are so popular, I dug up some more of them. “Particle Physics” from Intech includes a theoretical discussion of Higg’s mechanism and alternatives to the Standard Model. “Particle Physics and Inflationary Cosmology” by Andrei Linde covers an overview of theories of particle physics and their relations to cosmology. Finally, the last one is an introduction to groups, invariants and particles. For those looking for a more laymen-friendly introduction to particle physics, try this link.

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The discovery of the Higg’s boson sparked a new wave of interest in particle physics. “Particle Physics” — an open source textbook edited by Eugene Kennedy — introduces the generation model and the charged Higgs boson model. In addition, alternative models to the Standard Model are introduced as well. The book is concluded by a discussion of the possible hazards of the weakly interacting neutrinos in high energy muon collider facilities.


“Introduction to Groups, Invariants & Particles” is a textbook by Frank W. K. Firk based on his semester-long course in Yale university. The book introduces group theory, putting emphasis on Lie Groups and their application to the study of particles. The difficulty level of the book is suitable for senior and advanced junior physics students.


“Particle Physics and Inflationary Cosmology”, as you might guess from the title, offers a discussion on the modern theories of particle physics and cosmology. This relatively short book discusses unified field theory, phase transitions in hot universe, inflationary cosmology, quantum cosmology and other subjects.



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