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Each month dozens of new science books are released and it is easy to gel lost between all these new titles. So let’s check out some of the new physics books that came out this month as. For more info about the books, including customer and editorial reviews, click the picture of the book.

 No. Book Cover Review

Time Reborn by Lee Smolin (US|UK) | Kindle (US|UK)

The question of the nature time has always been at the hearth of the biggest problems in science and philosophy. The author Lee Smolin, one of the leading theoretical physicists and the founding members of the Perimeter institute, believes that only by understanding time scientists can start tackling the biggest mysteries of cosmology and other fields. In “Time Reborn” Smolin presents his views on time and how a new understanding of it could change physics.


Your Ticket to the Universe by Kimberly K. Arcand and Megan Watzke (US|UK) | Kindle (US|UK)

“Your Ticket to the Universe” is a photographic journey to the fascinating corners of the universe. Starting at Earth and ending at the far corners of the universe, “Your Ticket to the Universe” takes you on an exotic journey, giving you some useful info along the way.

 3. Einstein’s Physics by Ta-Pei Cheng (US|UK) | Kindle (US|UK)

Albert Einstein is, without a doubt, one of the biggest science celebrities of all time. However, many people are still not aware about the scientific work of Einstein and why it was such a big deal. In this book Cheng discusses Einstein’s discoveries in the historical context.



Time Travel and Warp Drives by Allen Everett and Thomas Roman (US|UK) | Kindle (US|UK)

In “Time Travel and Warp Drives” Allen Everett and Thomas Roman take the readers on a tour of our current understanding of the nature of time and space—and whether or not we might be able to control them. Using no math beyond high school algebra, the authors lay out an approachable explanation of Einstein’s special relativity and how it might open the doors to time travel.


The Quantum Story by Jim Baggott (US) | Kindle (US|UK)

Quantum mechanics, which is often called one of the most successful scientific theories, has completely reshaped our understanding of the universe in the beginning of the last century. In “The Quantum Story” Baggott attempts to retell the history of quantum mechanics, focusing on 40 turning-point historical moments and the personalities that shaped the field.



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