Physics Quizzes and Trivia

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For those interested in physics quizzes and trivia I have assembled a short list of some great resources online:

1. Triviala is a fun website with user generated quizzes and trivia. The physics quizzes range from very basic ones to more complicated ones testing your knowledge in equations and biographical facts of famous scientists.

2. This document from American Physics Society offers 50 trivia questions.

3. These classical physics quizzes. Not that fun but very useful for revision.

4. These Physics 101 review questions. Once again not very fun but very useful.

5. These 50 amazing and strange science facts — contains some interesting physics-related facts.

6. These 100 interesting science facts. Great for physics trivia.

7. This long list of interactive science quizzes of various subjects.

8. And finally this huge list of science trivia.



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