The University of Arizona Physics Talks

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Today we have a great treat for all of you cosmology fans out there — a nice playlist of 6 cosmology talks from The University of Arizona. The range of topics varies from the search for extraterrestrial intelligence to dark matter and dark energy. Below you will find a table with the corresponding links, including the topic and the speaker. As always, for more lectures visit our physics lecture section and subscribe for our email newsletter.

Arizona University | Physics Lectures
Lecture List:

Lecture Speaker  Topic
 1.  Christopher D. Impey  Search for Life Beyond Earth
 2.  Christopher D. Impey  Origin of the Universe
 3.  Philip A. Pinto  Origin of the Elements
 4.  Feryal Özel  Origins of Black Holes
 5.  Michael S. Turner  Dark Matter and Dark Energy
 6.  Guy Consolmagno  Making Sense of the Universe





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