Free Course of General Relativity

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So it seems like a good time to update the video lecture section. This week I would like to present one of my favorite courses from Stanford university. It is a course on General Relativity by Leonard Susskind. I like the course mostly because it’s really hard to find a course, which does not require much knowledge on GR to begin with. And this course, I’m glad to say, satisfies such this criteria.

The course concentrates on Einstein’s theory of gravity and geometry: the General Theory of Relativity. It begins with the basic ideas of Riemannian and curved space and Minkowski’s space-time. The theory of black holes and their strangely paradoxical properties are also covered. The final videos of the course develop the essential ideas of Big Bang cosmology.

Stanford | More Lectures
List of Lectures

Lecture 1 Link
Lecture 2 Link
Lecture 3 Link
Lecture 4 Link
Lecture 5 Link
Lecture 6 Link
Lecture 7 Link
Lecture 8 Link
Lecture 9 Link
Lecture 10 Link



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