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For those of you, who are familiar with the minutephysics YouTube channel it won’t come as a surprise that I really enjoy their videos. It is basically a channel dedicated to short (1-2 min.) clips about the various peculiarities of physics. Anyway, their newest video really caught my attention, as it is basically a compilation of the best websites/channels/blogs about science online. It’s a really great list featuring a lot of must-see websites and I’m happy to see a lot of channels that I included into my top 10 YouTube science channels were mentioned as well. Anyway, I added the video from minutephysics, so check it out, and I also added the list of links to the mentioned websites below.

minutephysics|video section
Link list:

Big Red Button –
xkcd –
xkcd what if? –
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal –…
Empirical Zeal –
Sean Carroll –…
Terry Tao –…
It’s Okay To Be Smart –…
I F*ing Love Science –…
NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day –
Radiolab –…
HyperPhysics –…
The Scale of the Universe –
The Character of Physical Law –…
Fake Science –…

Youtube Channels:

Veritasium –
Sixty Symbols –
Periodic Videos –
Crash Course –
The Brain Scoop –
Smarter Every Day –
Vi Hart –
George Hart –…
Numberphile –
Vsauce –
TED-Ed –
MinuteEarth –



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