When Quantum Physics Meets Biology

| February 14, 2013 | 0 Comments

In this lecture (available at HD quality!) Professor Jim Al-Khalili explores how the mysteries of quantum theory might be observable at the biological level. As the scientist himself describes, the connection of quantum mechanics to other branches of science is a peculiar one, for instance many scientists believe that quantum mechanics does indeed play a role in biological sciences, however such a view is still not completely accepted. And for those who are familiar with the odd features of quantum mechanics it might not come as a surprise that biologist have been mostly dismissive of the counter-intuitive aspects of the theory and feel it to be unnecessary for biology to function. But now, experimental techniques in biology have become so sophisticated that the time is ripe for testing ideas familiar to quantum physicists. But if quantum physics plays a role in biology, might it be true that the mysteries of quantum mechanic have played one of the crucial parts in the beginning of life itself? These and other questions are tackled in the following talk.




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