Foundations and Interpretation of Quantum Theory

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So this is a course on the foundations of quantum mechanics from the Perimeter Institute. The course consists of an introduction to the Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics and the historical problems associated with that interpretation.  In particular, the measurement problem, the EPR paradox and a discussion of contemporary views on these topics will be covered. The majority of the course lectures will consist of guest lectures from international experts covering the various approaches to the interpretation of quantum theory (in particular, many-worlds, de Broglie-Bohm, consistent/decoherent histories, and statistical/epistemic interpretations). As always, for more reviews and other physics related stuff, visit our video section and follow our RSS email newsletter.

Lecture Speaker
Lecture 1 Joseph Emerson
Lecture 2 Joseph Emerson
Lecture 3 Joseph Emerson
Lecture 4 Joseph Emerson
Lecture 5 Joseph Emerson
Lecture 6 (Part 1) Robin Blume-Kohout
Lecture 6 (Part 2) Raymond LaflammeJoseph Emerson
Lecture 7 A Robin Blume-Kohout
Lecture 7 B Robin Blume-Kohout
Lecture 8 Gregor Weihs
Lecture 9 Gregor Weihs
Lecture 10 Alexander Wilce
Lecture 11 Alexander Wilce
Lecture 12 Roderich Tumulka
Lecture 13 Roderich Tumulka
Lecture 14 Chris Fuchs
Lecture 15 Chris Fuchs
Lecture 16 Lev Vaidman
Lecture 17 Lev Vaidman
Lecture 18 Sir Anthony Leggett
Lecture 19 Sir Anthony Leggett
Lecture 20 Michel Devoret
Lecture 21 Vladimir Manucharyan



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