Physics News of the Week (February 3-10)

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This week a lot has happened in the world of physics, including developments in Standart model and breakthroughs in quantum Photonics. These and other news will be reviewed in our weakly edition of the “Physics News of the Week”. If you would like to receive this news straight to your email box, consider subscribing to our email newsletter.

 1) The Future of Internet: Quantum Internet (February 4)

In the current issue of Nature Photonics, a research team of Innsbruck physicists led by Rainer Blatt and Tracy Northup report how they have directly transferred the quantum information stored in an atom onto a particle of light. Such information could then be sent over optical fiber to a distant atom. This in many ways acts a prototype for quantum internet — a faster and more reliable form of communication.

The process of transferring information, using the laws of quantum mechanics involves trapping a single calcium ion in an ion trap and positioning it between two highly reflective mirrors. Then a laser is used to write the desired quantum information onto the electronic states of the atom, which is then excited with a second laser, and as a result, it emits a photon. This photon holds the required information in its polarization. The full article can be found here.

How is gravity related to the Higg’s field?

2) On the Nature of Probabilities (February 5)

A new paper by physics professor Andreas Albrecht and his graduate student Dan Phillips makes a fascinating claim that  quantum fluctuations actually are responsible for the probability of all actions. In particular, one of the consequences of quantum fluctuations is that every collapsing wave function spits out different realities: one where the cat lives and one where it dies, for example. Reality as we experience it picks its way through this near-infinity of possible alternatives. Multiple universes could be embedded in a vast “multiverse” like so many pockets on a pool table. And this idea has many implications in modern cosmology. To find out more about the relation between quantum fluctuations and cosmology, read the full article here and check out the pre-print of the paper at arXiv.

3) Higgs Boson and Gravity (February 8)

Sussex physicists have taken a  small step towards fulfilling Einstein’s dream of proving there is only one fundamental force in nature. In particular, Dr Xavier Calmet and PhD student Michael Atkins investigated how the famous Higg’s boson interacts with the fundamental force of gravity. Through playing with their equations and using data from the Large Hadron Collider, the Sussex scientists have been able to constrain the Higgs boson’s interaction with gravity. The results to this interesting investigation were posted on this month’s Physical Review Letters. Full article here.




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