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Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve dug up some good free physics ebooks. So today I would like to share 3 beginner level books on Quantum mechanics. Now by “beginner level” in this case I mean mostly undergrad students. These books cover the basics like wave-particle duality, Schrodinger’s equation, potentials, tunneling and so on. So if you feel if you are a little bit rusty on maths, or haven’t studied physics I would suggest visiting our free book list and checking out some of the introductory books.


Quantum Physics I by W.L. Barnes


This one is basically a set of lecture notes from a course on quantum mechanics at the University of Exeter. The lectures include:

  1. Wave particle duality quiz
  2. Interpreting the wavefunction
  3. Stationary states and the time-independent Schrodinger equation

and so on…

  The Basics of Quantum Mechanics


This one is 45 page long introduction into quantum mechanics, covering mostly Schrodinger equation and a little bit of potentials. Dirac’s notation is almost nonexistent in this one, so if you hate that, this is the book for you. More info about the book.



Introduction to Quantum Mechanics  by A.C. Phillips


This one is a full length introductory text book, which I would recommend mostly from this list. It covers basically everything you need to know to have a basic understanding of the subject. The book is easy to read and also has a lot of examples and problems with chosen solutions.



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