No Agreement on the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

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So one of the major news at the last weeks edition of “Physics News of the Week” was a survey by Maximilian Schlosshauer Johannes Kofler and Anton Zeilinger. It was survey on the views on the foundations of quantum mechanics by the leading scientists in the field. More specifically, Max Tegmark polled 48 participants of the conference Fundamental Problems in Quantum Theory held at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County back in 1997. The polls from the survey form a view of a very interesting situation in the scientific community — there appears to be no clearly dominating interpretation of quantum mechanics and, in general, views of the leading scientists are rather mixed.  So here are the 16 polls from the mentioned article.

Niels bohr — one of the leaders of the major developer of quantum mechanics

Question 1

It’s interesting to notice that Einstein was a believer of a hidden determinism, as it can be seen from his famous quote “God doesn’t play dice.”

Question 2

 To paraphrase the question — is the moon still there when you’re not looking?

Untitled3It’s interesting that 0% think it’s correct, but 6% believe that it will turn out to be correct.



An interesting split of opinions.



As the authors of the article said, it’s rather strange that a big part of the respondents don’t consider the measurement problem as being that big of a problem.




Untitled8It’s interesting that 15% of the respondents think a quantum computer will never be invented.

Untitled9  More info about epistemic, ontic and statistical views.



Somehow I was expeticing d. to be 0.





The Copenhagen interpretation is still the most popular, although other interpretations share a significant amount of votes as well.





Totally agree with this one.



Well let’s hope it will be the case. Anyway, these are all the question, hope you found it interesting. What is your opinion on the given questions?





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