Physics News of the Week (January 13-20)

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Another great week has passed and it’s time to take a look at the news of the week.This week has been relatively calm in terms of theoretical breakthroughs, but we have some nice experimental/engineering news. Oh, and before we review the news of the week, please visit our RSS feed, to which you can subscribe if you enjoy reading these weekly news.

1. New Clean Nuclear Fusion Reactors (January 14)

A researcher at the Universidad politécnica de Madrid (UPM) has patented a new nuclear fusion reactor. The invention is the result of a work carried out by the Professor José Luis González Díez from the Higher Technical School of Naval Engineering of the UPM, who has contributed to solve the problem of contamination risk associated with the generation of nuclear fission power. The reactor uses inertial confinement of total conversion of material into energy, whose fusion chamber can adapt to the type of fuel that wishes to be used, specially deuterium-tritium, deuterium- deuterium or hydrogen-hydrogen. Full report here.

The U.S. army sure does love their guns, especially when they are made out of lasers

2. A Real Weapon Created Based Upon a Novel (January 16)

Physics is one of those sciences, which is famous for often breaking the limits between science fiction and science. A really good example of this is the following news headline: Physicist Funds A Real Laser Weapon With Proceeds From Novel About Laser Weapons.  Physicist Adam Weigold wants to build a laser weapon that he believes might change the face of warfare should the U.S. find itself tangling militarily with a certain people’s republic across the Pacific at some point in the near future. And to fund the research for said weapon, Weigold is releasing a science fiction novel about–wait for it–the U.S. tangling militarily with a certain people’s republic across the Pacific in the near future. To read more about this crazy invention head to the full report here.



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