Physics News of the Week (December 23-30)

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So, dear readers and subscribers, Christmas and New Year is upon us again, thus I hope you have a nice time celebrating . As for the news from the world of physics, as always, there are some new interesting discoveries, which we’re gonna review in this week’s edition of Physics News of the Week. As always you can follow our email newsletter here.

1. Scientists help explain scarcity of anti-matter (December 27)

One of the most curious mysteries of particle physics is why the universe is dominated by matter and not anti-matter. This week A collaboration with major participation by physicists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has found crucial clues to this long lasting history. “At the beginning of time, in the Big Bang, a soup of particles and anti-particles was created, but somehow an imbalance came about,” says Karsten Heeger, a professor of physics at UW-Madison. “All the studies that have been done have not found enough difference between particles and anti-particles to explain the dominance of matter over anti-matter.” But one particle might be the last hope for the physicists to find the key to the mystery — neutrinos. Neutrino, an extremely abundant but almost massless particle, may have the right properties, and may even be its own anti-particle. To find out how this observation might be important read the full article here.

2. Best of 2012: Chinese Physicists Break the Distance Record for Teleportation (December 30)

The technology review by MIT summarized the year 2012 by the best discoveries throughout the year 2012. One of the major breakthroughs was the breaking of the distance record for teleporation by Chinese scientists. In May, a Chinese team teleported photons through 100 kilometres of free space, opening the way for satellite-based quantum communications. Read the full article here.

The Portrait of Peter Higgs

3. Science’s Breakthrough of the Year — Discovery of the Higg’s Boson

Due to the Christmas madness that I was experiencing I couldn’t overview news of the week last week, but the announcement of Science’s breakthrough of the year seems too important to be overlooked. So last week, one of the most influential journal Science released the annually “Science Breakthrough of the Year”, which unsurprisingly was the famous discovery of Higgs Boson.The subatomic particle, named 50 years ago by physicist Peter Higgs, is what scientists believe gives mass to matter. The discovery is monumental because it confirms that the universe works the way that theoretical physicists think it does.Nine other groundbreaking achievements from 2012 were given honorable mention, including the safe landing of the Mars rover Curiosity this summer, and definitive proof that paralyzed patients could use their mind to move a robotic arm. More info here.



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