“How the Hippies Saved Physics” Lecture by David Kaiser

| December 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

One of the most interesting physics books this year was definitely “How the Hippies Saved Physics“. Both in terms of the content and the idea of the book it was definitely worth reading. In the book David Kaiser — both a physicist and a science historian — focuses on a rather exotic era in the history of physics — 1970s. It was a time when funding was cut for many projects and loads of talented physicists struggled to find a job. These circumstances and the  psychedelic new-age ideas of the early 1970s inspired a unique group of physicists called the Fundamental Fysiks Group. And rather surprisingly, this group consisted of really talented physicists, who obtained their PhD’s from elite universities.

The members of the group were really interested about the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics. And, knowing the influence of the new age ideas of the 1970’s, the fact that they were interested in the connection between consciousness and the laws of quantum mechanics doesn’t come as a surprise. So without spoiling much more, check out this lecture by David Kaiser, where he discusses his successful book.  And, as always, if you like our content please support us by following/liking us on Facebook or following our RSS email newsletter in the toolbar on the right side of the webpage.

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