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So I’ve been interested in increasing the efficiency of my studying for a while and found some unique ways of doing so. One of them is listening instead of reading. So for instance if you need to do some background reading about a certain subject why not trying listening to the text rather than reading. This has many advantages including the fact that you can listen to audio books or other texts when doing something else and possibly the speed of going through one book/text (which of course depends on your speed of reading). And taking into account to how much music we listen throughout the day, one could read an audio book every week if some of that time was to be used for listening to audio books. Last but not least is the fact that some people are auditory learners, which means that audio books can be the greatest learning tool for them.

Now I know what you’re saying — audio books are great, but how can I listen to, let us say, a textbook or a Wikipedia article? Well there’s a great solution for this and it is called WikiPlays. WikiPlays is a YouTube channel dedicated to presenting Wikipedia articles in audio format. It currently has more than 20,000 videos about a variety of subjects. The only drawbacks is the Stephen Hawking type of voice and the fact that obviously not all Wikipedia articles are uploaded. Still, it’s a great learning tool that can save you a lot of time.

The great thing is that there are other ways to listen to any webpage rather than reading it. Among the many plugins that you could use, check out FoxVox for Firefox and Chrome Speak . So check these out and happy learning! 



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