Physics News of the Week (October 21-28)

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Once again it’s time to take a look at the events from the world of physics that happen this week. As always, more news and other physics related stuff, register for our RSS email newsletter and check out news archive.

1. Seven Scientists Sentenced to Six Years in Prison for False Earthquake Prediction (October 22)

308 died people following the 6.3-magnitude earthquake that struck the city of L’Aquila in Italy on 6 April 2009. Unfortunately  this tragedy was caused by a group of scientist, who issued false reassurance that hat a major quake would not necessarily follow the weaker tremors that the region had been experiencing. Despite an open letter signed by 5000 scientists to the president of Italy, scientists were sentenced to six years in prison. For more info and comments go here.

2. 100,000 Entangled Photons (October 25)

Pulses of light comprising around 100,000 entangled photons have been created by physicists in Germany and Russia. The pulses were made in the vacuum state and the team found that the entanglement should become stronger as the number of photons in the pulse increases. Such pulses could find use in technologies such as quantum cryptography or metrology. More info here.

3.Physicists Look Beyond Space and Time to Cope with Quantum Theory (October 28)

Einstein was the first who drew attention to the worrying implications of what he termed the “spooky action at a distance” predicted by quantum mechanics — the quantum entanglement. Now a group of physicists have proposed an experiment that could force us to make a choice between extremes to describe the behaviour of the Universe. “We are interested in whether we can explain the funky phenomena we observe without sacrificing our sense of things happening smoothly in space and time,” says Jean-Daniel Bancal, one of the researchers behind the new result, who carried out the research at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. Read the full article here.



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