How to Destroy the Universe

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When it comes to physics books I like to classify them in two categories: serious books that are meant to actually teach you physics and books for fun, which entertain and possibly amaze you. Usually, professional physicists are not so fond of the latter ones, but I think they have one great advantage — they can motivate a person to learn and do physics. A great example of such a book would be “How to Destroy the Universe: And 34 Other Really Interesting Uses of Physics”.  Let’s check it out.

Author: Paul Parsons

Hardcover: 224 pages

Publisher: Quercus (31 Mar 2011)

ISBN-10: 1849164797

ISBN-13: 978-1849164795

Kindle edition: (US|UK)

Reviews: customer reviews


Rating: ★★★★½  Rank: 3,026,920  US version  UK version

Paul Parsons, the author of “How to Destroy the Universe, is a popular science writer, who has written a number of popular books including “3 Minutes Einstein”, “The Rough Guide to Surviving the End of the World”, “The Science of Doctor Who” and others. The new edition of “How to Destroy the Universe” focuses on the fascinating subjects in Physics catered in an easy-to-understand and layman friendly style.

The 34 applications of physics mentioned in the title include some really fun stuff like how to deflect a killer asteroid, how to predict weather, how to make an invisibility cloak and even how to read someone’s mind.  Like previous books of Paul Parsons, this one is light on the science material, but is full of fun. And, as I mentioned earlier, books like these really motivate you to learn more serious physics — after reading about invisibility cloaks and black holes I just feel like grabbing a serious textbooks and study all that complex stuff myself. So, if you’re lacking motivation to study or just want a dose of fun physics madness, this is a book for you.




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