Quantum Phones: Not Science Fiction Anymore

| September 3, 2012 | 0 Comments

News of the day: mobile phones in the near future (only in a few years according to the experts) will employ newest technologies, which include circuits using light instead of electricity. 

British-led technology is ready to revolutionize the technologies of today by employing modern chips, which use light rather than electricity. The idea of this technology is based on the exotic field of physics called quantum mechanics. Silicon chips, that use the mind-boggling properties of quantum mechanics, could be common components in laptops and phones of the near future.

The advantages of such technology could be countless — faster search engines, more powerful computers and harder-to-hack encryption systems.

It was previously thought that quantum computing devices could only see day light in at least 25 years, however, the new breakthroughs promise great results in only about 10 years  according to Jeremy O’Brien from the university of Bristol.

In only a decade quantum computers could perform faster than non-quantum computers and in 2025 quantum circuits could be anywhere — in your phone, laptop and even protecting your bank account.



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