The Ascent of Man

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An American Film Festival Award winner, this 13 volume series attempts a massive survey of science, from flint tools to the theory of relativity. This co-production of BBC and Time-Life Films offers a great journey through the history to observe the evolution of human understanding now in a digitally re-mastered quality. So let’s take a closer look.

The programme is hosted by Dr. Jacob Bronowski, who was a mathematician, biologist and a historian of science. It is one of the three “big” British documentary series that aimed to give the big picture of science and human history throughout the times (other two being “Connections” and “Civilisation”). He has a typical style for the older documentaries — a highly informative way of sharing the information with the audience, with basically no flashy effects. However, don’t rush to judge this kind of style as boring, because Dr. Bronowski is a highly educated academic, who makes the documentary interesting and insightful with his intelligent remarks and philosophical considerations.

The series contain 13 episodes, which are:

  1. Lower than Angels
  2. Harvest of the Seasons
  3. Grain in the Stone
  4. The Hidden Structure
  5. Music of the Spheres
  6. Starry Messenger
  7. Majestic Clockwork
  8. Drive for Power
  9. Ladder of Creation
  10. World within World
  11. Knowledge or Certainty
  12. Generation upon Generation 
  13. Long Childhood

The series were first transmitted back in 1973, however the video and audio quality in this DVD set is digitally remastered. However please not that the video and audio quality in the video below is not taken from the remastered DVD set. Also notice that the UK version is a different DVD set.



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