List of Homework Help Websites (Ongoing)

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Internet is not only a great cheating tool, but it can also help students actually learn something. For example, there is a variety of great websites and forums, which offer homework help for both high school and university students. So here’s an ongoing list of such websites including short descriptions and links (mostly focusing on math and science sites).


1. Khan Academy

Now there’s no better way to start such a list than with Khan Academy. It is basically like YouTube for students — it contains thousands of videos about math, physics, biology, chemistry, economics, humanities and more. Plus, it has a cool practice system, which you can use to increase your skills in mathematics. Also you can coach other students or volunteer for other kind of work.


As the title says it, is a great simple website dedicated to students learning algebra. It contains a lot of useful study material and has a free tutoring system, which can be used by students to ask questions and get help. In addition, has some nice solvers, i.e. programs, which solves simple problems, for instance, a retirement income calculator or a profit margin calculator.

3. Homework Spot

Homework spot is a website, which has a lot of useful information about homework and tutoring. It is dedicated to elementary, middle and high school students. It is basically a link repository, which has a lot of useful links for getting homework help and more.

4. Library of Congress Website

While this is not your classical homework help website, it contains a lot of useful information for young students and their parents. It has a huge digital collection, which might be very useful for various essays and other homework projects.

5. Dr. Math

In this website you can ask Dr. Math questions about anything math related (K-12 mathematics). It has a huge archive of questions, but if you can’t find the answer that you’re looking for you can write an email to Dr. Math himself.

6. Assignment Expert 

Now I’m not a big fan of paid homework help, but if you are into that stuff check out Assignment Expert. It’s a website, which does your physics, math or computer science assignments for money. The price is based on: academic level of the assignment, the complexity and the time needed to finish it.

7. SOS Math Forum

SOS math forum is a simple and easy to use forum, which is dedicated to homework help for both high school and university students. It even has some advanced topics like topology, number theory and applied mathematics.

8. Physics Forums

It’s an amazing website for all things related to physics. Actually, I think, it’s the best physics forum out there, with many professional physicists as members. Homework help in mathematics, physics and other sciences is available. Although I have to warn you that guys on PF will not solve any problems for you, they’ll just give you some useful suggestions.

9. Homework Help Website

Homework help website is dedicated to help students (of grades 7-10) in mathematics. You can chat with a tutor, plus there are a lot of useful study tools on the website.

10. Jishka

Jishka is another paid homework help website. It covers all the basic subjects and offers help for high school students, university students and even adult learners. The price to chat with an expert is 0.50 $/min.




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